Self-Assessment Example 1. Marketing Specialist

“I would like to start by summarizing some of my achievements in the last quarter. Led the launch of the annual State of the Company report, which we present at various conferences. Focus the team’s advertising efforts on promoting good engagement in the presentation, an objective that we fulfilled in two of them. In addition, I participated in the improvement of PPC (pay per click) campaigns.

During this time I have tried to delegate some of my duties to junior workers. My interest was twofold: to increase my own efficiency and to offer opportunities to other colleagues. My goal for the next quarter is to increase my knowledge of user experience, so I have signed up for two online courses. I also try to pay attention to the activity of those in charge of that task to know the basics.”

 Self-Assessment Example 2. Software Engineer

“I have maintained a positive attitude in recent months despite the high workload. I was in charge of solving a bug that massively affected the servers. The product manager congratulated me for the proposed solutions and for keeping my cool.

I think I need to improve in various aspects. The first of these is my time management, for which I already use a control system for my day. The second is the management of emotions. My short-term goal is to learn to motivate myself and set more realistic expectations.

For my professional development I should take on some management responsibilities as it is something I am interested in and I think I have the right skills.”